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Hot Stuff in Miami..

Why should you go to Miami from March 17-19?

Because.. its snowy almost every place else in the US this time of year and you need SUN?  Or because you can stroll on South Beach and see lots of thongs and muscled bodies?

Well, those reasons are always fun, (believe me, I’ll probably be doing a bit of that too.. why not??!!) but if you want to connect with world leaders in social venture capital and social enterprise.. AND attend the most important Haiti conference at the same time, Miami’s hot and the place to be.

The Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference, Miami-2010 Advisory Board is led by top professionals from Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise organizations around the world.

Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui - Ignia
Jonathan C. Lewis, MicroCredit Enterprises
Daniella Levine – Human Services Coalition
Kelly Michel – Vox Capital
Rodrigo Villar – New Ventures Mexico
Percy Venegas – Solar Business Technology
Eric Leenson – Progressive Asset Management and Instituto Ethos
Raul Pomares – Guggenheim Partners

Also, Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference, Miami-2010 will be your best opportunity in 2010 to learn, network, and connect with hundreds of top social enterprise/financial leaders and organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the state of Florida- in addition to organizations worldwide which have an interest in expanding to the region.

I’ve reposted some info from the conference website below for at-a-glance info on the conference:

The following groups will be attending SVC/SE, Miami-2010:

  • Venture Philanthropists
  • Social-responsible Funds
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity Investment Banks
  • Institutional Investors
  • Angel Investors/Individual Investors
  • Private Wealth Managers
  • Foundations
  • Multinational Corporate Executives
  • Development Banks and Agencies
  • Nonprofit Organizations Businesses with a Social Agenda
  • Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Government Organizations
  • Top University Leaders

Conference Goals:

  • Promote economic development within the region by utilizing Social Venture Capital and Social Enterprise.
  • Establish Miami as a capital of Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise for Latin America, the Caribbean and the state of Florida. Contribute and support continued construction of the local social enterprise ecosystem.
  • Educate traditional finance (private banking, venture capital, and angel investment) about investment opportunities within Social Venture Capital and Social Enterprise. Leverage Miami’s reputation as a regional financial capital for the benefit of Social Venture Capital and Social Enterprise in the region.
  • Act as a primary connecting point to the Latin American/ Caribbean Diaspora, from whom it is believed some of the next great Social Enterprise leaders can come. The Diaspora may also represent a material source of capital for both existing and new Social Enterprise organizations within the region.
  • Work in collaboration with other organizations and conferences in establishing effective and standard investment metrics within the industry.

About the Haiti Conference:

Sustainable Haiti is a special “conference within a conference” taking place during Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference

Sustainable Haiti will contain 45 workshops/panels and over 100 speakers from around the world during its 3 days. Topics will include: Developing Haiti’s tourism sector, increased agriculture opportunities, microfinance for Haitian women, utilizing media to increase awareness to Haiti’s opportunities, job growth, and overall financing of Haitian development projects.  Not one to miss!

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